Operational status update:
SAIL Databank is open for business

The COVID-19 pandemic certainly has been a challenging period for SAIL, and, as it appears to be entering a new phase, we are starting to see the pressures on our services subside. We would like to remind those of you for whom SAIL could help answer important research questions, that we are open for business and open to applications to work with us.

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Increase Innovation With Data Linkage


Data linkage opens up endless possibilities to uncover new vital areas of research not previously possible. SAIL Databank’s complete data linkage solution presents researchers with high quality linkable data ready for you to analyse using its suite of analytical tools.

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Robust Governance That You Can Trust


Our ISO Certified and strictly governed environment navigates the strict compliance and legal requirements surrounding the use of person-based data so you don’t have to. SAIL Databank reduces the liability and risks to researchers traditionally associated with collecting, storing and analysing sensitive data.

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Remote Access To Linkable Anonymised Datasets


SAIL Databank is a one-stop-shop for data linkage research projects. Tap in to a cost effective and rich resource of billions of person-based records with the added convenience of accessing anonymised linkable datasets remotely from your own workplace.

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Working In The Public Interest


SAIL Databank celebrates 10 years of investing in the future of the public by helping turn important research ideas into impactful outcomes that improve the health and wellbeing of society.

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Celebrating 10 Years of Spearheading Data Privacy and Research Utility

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