What is the SAIL Databank?

SAIL stands for Secure Anonymised Information Linkage. The SAIL Databank is a world-class flagship for the robust secure storage and use of anonymised person-based data for research to improve health, well-being and services. Its databank of anonymised data about the population of Wales is internationally recognised. Backed and endorsed by the Government, the SAIL Databank receives core funding from the Welsh Government’s Health and Care Research Wales.

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Data Linkage Using the SAIL Databank

Billions of anonymised, person-based records are held in the SAIL Databank and, subject to safeguards and approvals, these can be linked together to address important research questions. This advanced data linkage research platform is the UK’s first single resource for population, health and social care data intended solely for research. The SAIL Databank is home to the broadest and most accessible source of anonymised population data in the world and offers a secure environment to conduct research analysis.

Protecting the Data

The security and protection of the data held within is ensured through its tightly controlled, robust, proportionate Privacy by Design methodology that is regulated by a team of specialists and overseen by an independent Information Governance Review Panel. The SAIL Databank does not receive or handle identifiable data. The commonly-recognised identifying details are removed before datasets come to the SAIL Databank, and so the SAIL Databank cannot reconstruct the identifiable datasets.


The SAIL Databank is now powered by the Secure e-Research Platform (SeRP), developed by the Population Data Science group at Swansea University, with support from the Farr Institute of Health Informatics Research funded by Medical Research Council.

SeRP, is a high powered data management and sharing technology, is infinitely scalable to suit a range of use cases including imaging, genomics and analysis of free text. It benefits from carefully designed Information Governance to ensure person-based data with high privacy risk is managed to the highest standards, and is ISO 27001 certified.

The SAIL Databank, like an increasing number of large scaled research programmes, now uses SeRP to provide controlled data access and High Performance Computing to hundreds of users across the world.

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