Public Engagement

Engagement with the public is a fundamental part of the management and future of the SAIL Databank. The general public are involved in all levels of the management of SAIL Databank. Members of the public provide advice, give recommendations on safeguarding and ethical approval.

Public Involvement in Research

SAIL Databank is committed to include public involvement in research studies. We have an active Consumer Panel that provides us with the public’s perspective on data linkage research and there are opportunities for lay representatives to join research study teams.

description Public Involvement & Engagement Policy

Consumer Panel for Data Linkage Research

SAIL Databank has a long standing Consumer Panel which was established in 2011. It currently has 12 members with on-going recruitment.

Panel members are involved in all elements of the SAIL Databank process, from developing ideas, advising on bids through approval processes (via the independent Information Governance Review Panel), to disseminating research findings.


SAIL Databank consumer panel

The panel’s role includes;

  • Acting as advisors on issues in research
  • Advising on how best to engage with the public
  • Offering guidance on how to recruit people to study steering groups
  • Providing views on data protection issues
  • Discussing proposals for research
  • Reviewing information designed for a lay audience
  • Acting as advocates for data linkage research


To find out more about our data linkage research, please visit the Population Data Science website.

Public Engagement Team

The Public Engagement team attend many events throughout the year to promote SAIL Databank and the research conducted using the data. The events offer the opportunities to promote the work being done by researchers, gauge the public’s opinion on the research, and ignite collaboration opportunities.

SAIL Databank has a dedicated public engagement officer, Lynsey Cross. Claire Newman is currently in post covering Lynsey’s maternity leave.

Meet the SAIL Databank Team


Lynsey Cross

Public Engagement Officer


Professor Kerina Jones

Associate Director for Information Governance & Public Engagement