What is a TRE?

SAIL Databank is a Trusted Research Environment or TRE

Trusted Research Environments (TREs) are safe, secure, computing environments where researchers, scientists and other experts can gain access to valuable data for research in the public interest, via a rigorous approval process to improve society.

Individual identities are always protected in SAIL Databank. Approved researchers can only access anonymised data.

TRE’s bring great benefits to the research community and, ultimately, to the public. TRE-enabling technology allows for deep insights and new discoveries by using incredibly rich health or administrative data. TREs allow researchers to work together on society’s biggest challenges by affording them a safe collaborative space with all the necessary software and resources they need.

The SAIL Databank adheres to the internationally recognised ‘5 Safes’ model for a TRE.

source: HDR UK

Find out more about TREs and the ‘5 Safes’ here



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