SAIL Analytical Services

Analytical services team supports SAIL users conducting research

SAIL Analytical Services are an interdisciplinary team that provides research support for the SAIL Databank.

Our team of data scientists support SAIL users throughout the research life cycle, from an initial idea to publication and beyond. They collaborate with internal and external research groups on SAIL research projects, and lead their own methodological research projects in developing new methods of working with large datasets.

Research Support Services

Our scoping service helps potential SAIL researchers understand what is possible and shape research questions to best fit our data, as well as providing a quote of how much support will be needed for the project and what it will cost. During the application stage, senior members of the analytical services team participate in internal review of applications to use the data.

Once a project becomes active, our team provisions projects with data and provides basic support for data-related queries, in addition to any specific role which our team may have been funded to undertake as part of the project (such as preparing and reformatting data).

When it is time for research results to be reported, senior team members review outputs from the secure environment to ensure that they are safe and in line with the project proposal.

Research Collaboration

We also collaborate with researchers, both at Swansea University and external institutions, on a variety of projects.  Our role varies based on the needs of the research team, from basic data preparation to taking the lead role in planning and executing the research from beginning to end.  Our team has a wide range of skills and experience, including:

  • Manipulation of large datasets
  • Assessing data quality and data cleaning
  • Software development
  • Research study design
  • Statistics

In addition, our extensive experience with SAIL datasets means that we can quickly get started with delivering a project, without the long learning curve that new users of the data experience.

Methodological Development

Our team also leads methodological research and software development to enable faster, more efficient, higher quality research with SAIL data.  Examples of past and current projects include:

  • Standardized methods for identifying populations and data coverage.
  • Reusable code for matching control groups.
  • Automated generation of flags from clinical coded data.
  • Automatic quality checking and reporting for datasets.

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