Following Application Approval

Safe Researcher Training

If your application to use SAIL Data is successful, then all users will be required to demonstrate appropriate Information Governance training before access to SAIL data will be granted.

SAIL Databank currently accepts the following training courses:

  • MRC Regulatory Support Centre: Research Data and Confidentiality e-learning
    Please note that this course is not currently available but if you have already completed the training it is still accepted as Approved training.
  • MRC’s Research, GDPR and confidentiality – what you really need to know
    We will accept a certificate of completion for the accompanying quiz accessible here
  • ONS Safe Researcher Training course – run by ONS, the UK Data Service, and the Administrative Data Research UK


Please note this is not an exhaustive list so if you have undertaken other Information Governance training that covers similar topics to the listed courses you will be asked to provide the course content with your application.

Information governance training must be current. Training must be updated every 3 years and if expiry of your training certificate occurs within the time period of your study, you will be required to re-new your training.

Remote Access via SAIL Gateway

Once safe researcher training is completed, all members of your project team requiring access to view the data remotely for analysis must now gain approval to use the SAIL Gateway. This allows researchers to access approved data remotely from any Windows desktop in the world at any time of the day to conduct analysis using the pre-installed statistical packages.

To request access to the SAIL Gateway you must complete an application form.

You are required to submit the following documents with your application:

  1. A copy of your CV
  2. Evidence of completion of Safe Researcher Training

Following submission of your application you will be emailed a copy of the SAIL Data Access Agreement which outlines the conditions of using SAIL that all data users must abide by, once this has been signed and returned your account request will be processed.

Upon approval, you will then receive your account details to log in to the SAIL Gateway using your preferred desktop computer. Secure remote access is via a Virtual Private Network (VPN) where the specific data you have requested is presented in a ‘view only’ format for analysis.

For more details about the SAIL Gateway please download this case report:
description SAIL Gateway Case Report

Research Output

This policy applies to all published research outputs created by researchers using data held in the SAIL Databank. It addresses all research outputs which have already been generated and are intended for publication or other form of dissemination.

description Publications Policy

Gateway launch site

SAIL Gateway – Analysis Tools and Applications

The SAIL Gateway has been designed to give users a familiar Windows environment with an array of toolsets and applications. SQL querying tools and commonly used applications, such as MS Office, SPSS, and R, are included as standard. Other applications such as STATA are also available for a small licensing fee. A full list of all available software (including versions) is available on request.

Users can also request the addition of other applications for which they hold a licence, and seek permission to import non-data files such as syntax scripts and reference documents if necessary.


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