Our Two Stage Application Process

SAIL Databank has established a convenient and effective two stage application process to be followed by anyone who would like to access data via SAIL Databank for high quality research projects.

Stage 1

Initial application and scoping document (to be completed by a SAIL Databank analyst following a discussion about a potential project)

Stage 2

Application to gain Information Governance Review Panel (IGRP) approval


With over 10 years’ experience we have one of the fastest application processes available, around just 12 weeks to gain IGRP approval following application submission. With SAIL Databank, researchers no longer need to undergo lengthy waiting times traditionally associated with accessing rich and vital data.

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Stage Breakdown

  • Stage 1

    Project Application & Scoping

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  • Scoping discussion to form project idea and viability, and to complete the scoping document setting out SAIL Databank related activities, timescales, resource usage and costs.

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  • Researcher to secure funding for project if not already in place.

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  • User to undertake Safe Researcher Training or provide evidence of qualified status (can be completed at any point before the project start; renewal required every two years.

  • Stage 2

    Information Governance

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  • Researcher to sign and submit project scoping document and proceed to completion of the online IGRP application form. Researcher to submit request for access to the online IGRP application system through help.saildatabank.com.

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  • Following IGRP review, researcher notified of outcome.

    For remote access to the SAIL Gateway, researchers will then be asked to complete a Data Access Request form and a Gateway Account Request form along with a copy of the user’s CV.

    All users will be required to provide proof of or enrol to complete Safe Researcher Training.

  • Project Commences


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  • User given requirements/ resources to start project in accordance with agreements laid out in the Scoping Document.