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SAIL Showcase Webinar Series – February 2024

The second installment of SAIL Databank’s Showcase Webinar Series welcomed guest speakers who use SAIL data in their research relating to this month’s theme: The ...

Census 2021 data now available inside SAIL

SAIL Databank is now accepting applications for the use of Census 2021 data, for England and Wales, from accredited researchers. The 2021 Census of England ...

Prioritising early childhood to promote the nation’s health, wellbeing and prosperity

Report published by The Academy of Medical Sciences on 5th February 2024 Throughout 2023/24, the Academy of Medical Sciences has been undertaking a major policy ...

Running a research public panel

The SAIL Databank Consumer Panel consists of a group of 16 members of the public, based at Population Data Science Swansea. They meet four to five times a year, ...

Consequences of missed COVID vaccines: SAIL Databank contributes to first all-UK study of 67 million people

The first research study of the entire UK population highlights gaps in COVID-19 vaccine coverage. Between a third and a half of the populations of ...

SAIL Databank launches Showcase Webinar Series

In November 2023, SAIL Databank held its inaugural Showcase Webinar. After a brief hiatus, the Showcase Webinar Series is the successor to the SAIL User ...