Data Explained: The Welsh Results Reports Service (WRRS) Data

The Welsh Results Reporting Service (WRRS) allows health care professionals
(HCPs) across Wales to access, enter and view laboratory results for pathology
requests and any other associated results across all health boards in Wales, from
both primary and secondary care, regardless of where they were requested, tested
or provided back to patients in Wales. WRRS aims to save time, reduce test
duplication and improve patient safety. The results are viewed through the Welsh
Clinical Portal.

The Welsh Clinical Portal (WCP) is a digital patient record across NHS Wales, which
is available to all HCPs with appropriate permissions in relevant organisations. The
WCP makes available patient information from several sources with a single log-on.
The WCP gives clinicians pathology results (e.g. blood tests) for patients wherever
they had their test taken, meaning patients can utilise mobile units or local centres
rather than having to travel far.

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