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The richness of SAIL Databank enables important questions to be comprehensively answered. We hold a wealth of population-scaled data, some of which reaches back a quarter of a century or more.

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Originally a repository of health data, we have extended our scope to include a host of administrative data. SAIL Databank is comprised of some of the best characterised population data in the world. We are able to work with emerging data types such as free-text, imaging, genetic and geographic data.

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The breadth and richness of the data held within SAIL Databank is world-class. With over 10 billion anonymised, person-based data records available, this is THE resource to use to give your research the geographical equality it deserves.

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SAIL data is currently being used in a range of prestigious externally funded research studies and SAIL Databank leads and collaborates with research groups in Wales, the UK and internationally.


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SAIL Databank has established a convenient and effective two-stage application process to be followed by anyone who would like to access data via SAIL Databank for high quality research projects.