Approvals & Public Engagement

The Information Governance Review Panel (IGRP) provides independent guidance and advice on Information Governance policies, procedures and processes for SAIL Databank. The Panel reviews all proposals to use SAIL Databank to ensure that they are appropriate and in the public interest, and it comprises representatives from various organisations and sectors, and members of the public.

All activities conducted within Population Data Science are designed to work with the public in a two-way collaborative arrangement which includes the general public, patients, practitioners and other relevant stakeholders as co-applicants on research proposals or as members of steering groups for strategic developments.

We established a Consumer Panel in 2011 to provide a public voice and gauge social acceptability on our work. A core function of Population Data Science it also provides public views on the work of associated initiatives.

SAIL Databank is hosted by Swansea University and sits under its auspices for organisational accountability. Strategic direction is provided by the SAIL Management Group with guidance from an International Scientific Advisory Committee, and day to day running is managed by an Operations Group.



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