Public Involvement & Engagement

The science of data about people. 

All activities conducted within Population Data Science are designed to work with the public in a two-way collaborative arrangement which includes the general public, patients, practitioners and other relevant stakeholders as co-applicants on research proposals or as members of steering groups for strategic developments. We recognise the importance of truly involved public participation in a democratic society to demonstrate respect, responsibility and openness towards individuals and society. 

With the public. For the public.

We are entrusted to manage and make best use of health and adimistrative data about the population and we recognise the need for full transparency and the rights of each and every data subject as we strive towards socially responsible data use. Across the Population Data Science department, we have a designated associate director, a full time operational public involvement officer and a full-time research associate in information governance and public engagement, as well as other staff within our associated projects who are committed to our groups’  Public Involvement and Engagement policy.

Consultation, Inclusion & Co-production.

Since the formation of Population Data Science our expertise and dedication to public involvement has led to the creation of a robust policy that contains a comprehensive set of guiding principles, informed by a wide range of research literature, that adhere to the rigorous UK Standards on Public Involvement.

Our guiding principles…

  1. We have a duty to work with the public and, consequently, have a strategic commitment to public involvement & engagement.
  2. We are committed to excellence in active and meaningful public involvement & engagement.
  3. We respect heterogeneity and provide members of the public with inclusive opportunities to engage and be involved.
  4. We are committed to transparency, clarity of purpose and fostering respectful relationships in public involvement & engagement activities.
  5. We recognise and value the contribution of our staff for their public involvement & engagement activities.
  6. We assess, report on and act on the impact of involving and engaging the public.



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