Meeting of the SAIL Scientific External Advisory Board

Last week saw the first face-to-face meeting with the SAIL Databank Scientific External Advisory (SEA) Board since before the pandemic, held at Miskin Manor, near Cardiff, Wales.

The External Advisory Board advise the SAIL Management Board on the quality, direction, scope, relevance and focus of SAIL’s work, and will review its achievements in light of its stated mission. The External Advisory Board will also review and provide input to SAIL Directors as part of the annual business planning and implementation process.

Based on detailed information that will be provided by the SAIL Management Board, the External Advisory Board will provide advice to the Board on the following:

  • The strategic aims and development vision for SAIL, including monitoring progress towards this vision on an ongoing basis.
  • Developments in information strategy for health and social care nationally and internationally, identifying challenges / opportunities for the SAIL Databank arising from these developments.
  • Provide knowledge sharing / opportunities for collaboration between SAIL and other national and international centres of excellence in health informatics and data science.

The External Advisory Board is a key mechanism by which SAIL will take advice from a broad range of stakeholders (including citizen views) in order to guide its work.