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Running a research public panel

The SAIL Databank Consumer Panel consists of a group of 16 members of the public, based at Population Data Science Swansea. They meet four to five times a year, ...

Consequences of missed COVID vaccines: SAIL Databank contributes to first all-UK study of 67 million people

The first research study of the entire UK population highlights gaps in COVID-19 vaccine coverage. Between a third and a half of the populations of ...

SAIL Databank launches Showcase Webinar Series

In November 2023, SAIL Databank held its inaugural Showcase Webinar. After a brief hiatus, the Showcase Webinar Series is the successor to the SAIL User ...

SAIL Supports Evaluation of Major Public Health Intervention for Diabetes Prevention

The All-Wales Diabetes Prevention Programme (AWDPP), led by Public Health Wales, offers targeted and locally delivered support to people who are at an increased risk ...

Queen’s Anniversary Prize for world-leading SAIL Databank

SAIL Databank wins queens anniversary award 2023 for supporting response to COVID-19 national response

Exploring the family justice experience of young mothers in England

Published by ADR UK on 2nd November 2023 ADR UK Research Fellow Dr Mariam Abouelenin has just started using the Family Court-Cafcass linked dataset in the SAIL ...