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QCovid – The UK’s COVID-19 mortality prediction model evaluated in Wales using SAIL Databank

Measures for keeping the spread of the COVID-19 virus under control resulted in many face-to-face activities moving to online and telephone consultations unless necessary. Many ...

Better, Broader, Safer: Using Health Data for Research and Analysis

‘…the excellent work at SAIL/SERP, and very substantial delivery outside of health data research in adjacent communities such as genomics and physics, where open collaborative ...

COVID-19 Health Data Research: 2 November 2021 – Monthly update for SAGE (UK Government)

Working with The Strategic Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) by providing SAGE with the prioritised health data research related to COVID-19. >Read more

Data Explained: The Welsh Results Reports Service (WRRS) Data

The Welsh Results Reporting Service (WRRS) allows health care professionals(HCPs) across Wales to access, enter and view laboratory results for pathologyrequests and any other associated ...

Born into care: unpacking the impact of area-level deprivation in Wales.

This report explores the relationship between area-level rates of infants and children appearing in care proceedings in Wales and deprivation, unpacking the impact of the ...

A strategic approach to social care data in Wales

This is a discovery report, produced in response to a requirement to scope the development of a data strategy to support social services and social ...