SAIL Showcase Webinar Series – February 2024

The second installment of SAIL Databank’s Showcase Webinar Series welcomed guest speakers who use SAIL data in their research relating to this month’s theme: The use of SAIL for NHS by the NHS for evaluation and service improvement.

This webinar is open to all SAIL Databank users anyone interested in hearing further information on the research theme and wider SAIL updates.

The SAIL Databank Showcase Webinar Series is held bi-monthly, and each webinar focuses on a different research and intelligence theme. If you would like the opportunity to present or would like to make a request/suggestion for future themes, please contact:

Ashley Akbari ( or Chris Orton (

The next webinar will be held on 18th April 2024 at 10 am.

Catch up on February’s webinar in the videos below which featured presentations from:

  • Dr Oly Todd, Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (University of Leeds)  Can frailty inform the management of hypertension in older people?
  • Dr Richard Pugh, Critical Care, Glan Clwyd Hospital, BCUHB – Who needs critical care – and how can critical care evolve to meet the future needs of its population?
  • Mr Gareth Davies, Swansea University, Dr Kerryn Lutchman-Singh, Welsh Health Specialised Services Committee  A value approach to measuring the effect on health resource usage of specialist interventions and how access to services affects patient pathways.