How To Upload Data

Once the Data Sharing Agreement has been signed, the data provider can start to upload data by following these 3 simple steps:


Stage 1
Split your data into two parts, giving both files a unique identifier field

Your data will have a mixture of demographic or person identifiable data, and clinical or administrative data. The demographic or person identifiable data must be de-identified before entering the SAIL Databank.

It is the responsibility of the data provider to split the data into two Files:

  • File 1: Demographic / person identifiable data.
    This is sent to SAIL Databank’s Trusted Third Party, The NHS Wales Informatics Service (NWIS) to be de-identified.
  • File 2: Clinical / administrative data.
    This is sent directly to the SAIL Databank.

Both files receive a unique record ID number so that following de-identification, the anonymised File 1 data can be reunited with its File 2 counterpart to create a complete data file that is ready for analysis.


Stage 2
On-line accounts set-up to access the NWIS and SAIL Databank secure file upload websites

You need to set up two accounts to gain access to the NWIS and SAIL Databank secure file upload websites. To register for an account, please contact NWIS on and SAIL Databank on and provide each of them with the following information:

  • Name of official contact
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • IP Address(es) of PC(s) being used


Stage 3
Login and upload your files

Once your account has been set up, you can sign in on both websites and upload your files.

For more information about our methods of transferring data and how to have your files upload ready, please read the following documents:
description Person-level Export File Structure & Data Transfer
description Address-level Export File Structure & Data Transfer

Alternative Secure File Upload via Your Own Secure Data Transfer Solution

If your organisation has a secure file download service, we can log into your website and download the relevant data from there.

If neither of the two suggested methods are possible, please contact the SAIL Databank team to discuss other secure methods of file transfer.


Email is not a secure way to transfer potentially sensitive information.