Amongst the richest population data in the world

The richness of SAIL Databank enables important questions to be comprehensively answered. We are entrusted with a wealth of population-scaled data, some of which reaches back a quarter of a century or more. We can also improve outcomes further by linking new datasets to our existing, routinely-collected data.

Originally a repository of health data, we have extended our scope to include administrative data to create even greater opportunities to build rich longitudinal cohorts for research. SAIL Databank is comprised of some of the best characterised population data in the world. This extremely valuable research resource contains a range of high-quality data and metadata which continues to grow. Furthermore, we are able to work with emerging data types such as free-text, imaging, genetic and geographic data. SAIL Databank provides real-world evidence for predicting future trends in populations whose influence stretches globally.

A list of all the datasets currently available for researchers to use can be found here via our Asset Manager*:

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Asset Manager tree view of SAIL data assets

*The Asset Manager system is a SeRP tool which has been developed by the Population Data Science group at Swansea University Medical School. It enables organisations to efficiently keep on top of their assets, and provide a ‘shop window’ to potential collaborators.