Active Adult Survey

Data Providing Organisation:
Sport Wales

Data Providing Type:
Research data (survey, questionnaires, etc)



Provides the basis from which to strategically monitor and track trends in sport in Wales, as well as forming a base from which to shape policy and practice.

Data Collection Method

The Active Adults Survey is a large scale survey of the adult population in Wales using CAPI. Adults (defined as aged 15 and above) living in private households in Wales were eligible to take part in the survey. The survey is done face to face, with an interviewer visiting the person at their home. Households are selected at random, and the interviewer randomly selects someone from the household to take part in the survey, when they visit.

Access Requirements

As a restricted dataset, that requires the agreement of the data provider in addition to our standard Information Governance procedures.

More Information

See the Sport Wales website for more information and to view their published reports.


Large scale population survey (13,145 completed interviews) of adults ages 15 and over, covering sport related activities (includes geo-demographic details). Consent for 7,290 records.

Data Level

Individual person

Data Years

From 04/01/2012 to 20/01/2013

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