Welsh Health Survey

Data Providing Organisation:
NatCen Social Research

Data Providing Type:
Research data (survey, questionnaires, etc)



The Welsh Health Survey informs local government, NHS, and nationwide health strategy.

The Welsh Health Survey (WHS) collects information on the health and health-related lifestyles of people living in Wales. It is a major source of information about the health of people in Wales, the way the NHS is used, and behaviours that can affect health, such as smoking and alcohol consumption.

Data Collection Method

Data for the WHS is collected via face-to-face-interviews and self-completion questionnaires. The sampling unit for the WHS are households, however all adults within households were asked to take part. Families with children under the age of 16 are eligible, however where the household has 3 or more children, up to two children between the ages of 0 and 15 are randomly selected for inclusion in the study. Interviews are used to collect data at the household level, with questionnaires distributed to household members. Information on the household type and employment status of the household reference person are collected, and the interviewer is asked to comment on the condition of the property. Separate self-completion questionnaires are used to collect data for adults and young people (aged 13-15), whilst adults/guardians are required to complete questionnaires on behalf of children younger than 13 years old.

Data Highlights

The WHS data, as provided via the UK Data Archive, is split into two separate datasets, these relating to adults – 16 and older – and children. The WHS can be analysed at both the individual and household level, with appropriate weights being supplied for each. The dataset provides a household identifier which allows for adult-child records to be combined for research exploring ‘household’ health or the links between parental and child health, for example.

Access Requirements

As a restricted dataset, that requires the agreement of the data provider in addition to our standard Information Governance procedures.

More Information

See the WHS website for more information and to view their published reports. The Welsh Health Survey has now ceased. It has been replaced by the National Survey for Wales which started in 2016-17 and includes health related questions.


In 2014 the WHS sample was composed of roughly 16,970 cases, 14,170 adults and 2,800 children. Though running since 2003 consent only sought April 2013 onwards. SAIL holds 4,362 records(consent given) for 2013, 7,332 for 2014

Data Level

Individual person
Individual residence

Data Years

From 01/04/2013 to 31/ 12/2014. Though running since 2003 consent only sought April 2013 -December 2014.

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