How SAIL DATA Can Be Used

The breadth and richness of the data held within SAIL Databank is world-class. With over 10 billion person-based data records to choose from this is THE resource to use to give your research the geographical equality it deserves.

SAIL data is currently being used in a range of prestigious externally funded research studies and SAIL Databank leads and collaborates with research groups in Wales, the UK and internationally.

Large Scale Studies

Does your research require the results to be supported empirically through further clarification? Do you need a sample group that is representative of a larger population for generalisation?

SAIL Databank holds a wealth of routine data collected on an entire population for up to 20 years. If sample size matters, our wealth of population records may well hold the data you require to give your project the boost it needs.

SAIL Databank has been successfully included in a number of National and International data linkage studies alongside data from other sources that require the largest possible sample size.


Published large scale studies using SAIL:

Cohort Studies

If your research is studying cohorts with particular characteristics or conditions, then SAIL Databank has longitudinal data that is available for you to tap into to support your research hypothesis. SAIL Databank has captured the individual records of an entire population spanning between 10 and 20 years.

Cross-cohort comparisons whereby Welsh data is compared with data from another country to identify similarities or differences between populations or groups is a great way of using SAIL Data. It offers a valuable resource as a benchmark control group for your data linkage study.

So whether your research is retrospective or prospective, SAIL Data minimises the considerable expense and time associated with collecting longitudinal data for observational cohort studies. It also minimises attrition rates typically connected with long term data collection.


Published cohort studies using SAIL:

Case Control Studies

Due to the wealth of data present, SAIL is valuable for case-control studies where outcomes are being compared in the presence and absence of exposures or interventions. Epidemiological research can benefit greatly from SAIL Databank’s linked data. Not only do we hold billions of person based health records to give strength to your study, SAIL Databank also holds additional data to give your study a more rounded view such as social services, education, environmental and mental health data.

Any research that does not need to be conducted on a population from a particular geographical location would benefit from data linkage using SAIL data e.g. studies requiring records of specific groups such as pregnant women, people of a particular age group or people with a particular illness etc.


Published case control studies using SAIL:

Purposive Sampling

With such rich population data SAIL can provide large amounts of high quality workable data for your research project to ensure validity of results. From total population sampling through to critical case sampling, SAIL Databank’s comprehensive linked population records can be used to create the just right group for your specific requirements.


Published purposive sampling studies using SAIL:

Policy Evaluation

SAIL data is an important data linkage resource for researchers involved in evaluating policies, programmes and projects at a national level. Data Linkage using Welsh population data can be invaluable when shaping policy that covers both England and Wales such as the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines for example.


Published policy evaluation studies using SAIL:

Methodological Research

SAIL data is not just for outcome based Health and Population Researchers but can also support methodological research. For example, data linkage using SAIL Databank can act as a test-bed for software development or be used to validate the efficiency and effectiveness of medical devices. Also, for the development of methods that intend to combine various sources of big data, SAIL is an obvious choice.


Published methodological research studies using SAIL:

Replication Studies

SAIL Data offers a valuable resource for replication purposes through data linkage. Our population data spanning up to 20 years can help validate the findings of previous research using SAIL population data.