Our services

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Our analytical and research support services offer full end-to-end support and can advise on whether SAIL Databank is a good fit for your research question.

Analytical Support

The SAIL Analytical Services team was established in 2014 to support SAIL Databank users generate the best research possible from the rich data within. Over time our services and experience has grown, Team members lead and contribute towards projects in several areas, including methodological and clinical research topics.

Analytical Tools

The SAIL Gateway has been designed to give users a familiar Windows environment with an array of toolsets and applications as standard. Users can also request the addition of other applications for which they hold a licence, and seek permission to import non-data files such as syntax scripts and reference documents if necessary.

Public Insight

All users of SAIL Databank will have access to present their research ideas to our Consumer Panel made up of members of the public. When assessing research proposals, Research Ethics Committees (REC) look favourably upon proposals which incorporate good quality public involvement at an early stage. This is evidence that reassures to RECs.


We offer 3 cost-recovery pricing structures. SAIL Databank is operated on a not-for-profit basis and is intended to be accessible and affordable for the widest possible spectrum of the research community. Some elements of SAIL are partially funded from central sources, and are therefore provided to the research community at a heavily subsidised rate.