Analytical Services Team

The SAIL Databank analytical services team was established in 2014 to support SAIL Databank users. Over time our services and experience has grown to become an interdisciplinary group of data scientists that collaborate with internal and external research groups on various projects. The team lead SAIL Databank’s own methodological research projects in developing new methods of working with large datasets.

The analytical team’s project scoping service helps potential SAIL Databank users to understand the potential possibilities and help shape research questions around our data. The team can provide an indication of how much support is likely to be needed for the project and associated costs, offering excellent value-for-money. During the application stage, senior members of the analytical services team also participate in reviewing the applications to use the SAIL Databank for safe, impactful research outcomes.

The team can support any project ranging from fully developed ideas, which have a clear research question, method and a definitive list of required datasets, to early-stage projects that require support and advice to help define or refine ideas and research methodologies.

SAIL Databank’s support services offer an agile, straight-forward and economical one-stop-shop that unlocks the potential of routinely collected data in pursuit of public benefit.

Examples of the research programmes and projects led or supported by the team can be found here in the Analytical Team’s Annual Reports.

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