Our 3 cost-recovery pricing structures

SAIL Databank is operated on a ‘not for profit’ basis and is intended to be accessible and affordable for the widest possible spectrum of the research community. Some elements of SAIL are partially funded from central sources, and are therefore provided to the research community at a heavily subsidised rate, and other elements have to be fully funded by projects using the SAIL service.

Charges are calculated on a cost recovery model, as such, SAIL Databank does not make a profit and is not a commercial entity. SAIL Databank can provide a tailored package of support based on 3 main pricing structures…

  • Standard rate
  • Public sector rate
  • Full Economic Costs (FEC) – for formal academic collaborations

Funding from Health and Care Research Wales and the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) partially covers the costs of a small central team to carry out data acquisition, loading and linking of core datasets, and maintenance of the SAIL technical infrastructure, with individual projects making a small contribution at a subsidised rate. Individual projects meet all remaining costs associated with their project.

If independent Information Governance Review Panel (IGRP) approval is not obtained for a project, no charge is incurred.

The SAIL Databank team reserve the right to decline to process any application for access to SAIL at any stage prior to IGRP approval being awarded. In this case feedback will be provided to the project giving reasons that the application is not being progressed.

To obtain costs for using SAIL services please contact us at



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