The SAIL Databank 2021/22 Annual Review

We’re pleased to announce to release of the 2021/22 SAIL Databank Annual Review featuring research news highlights, developments across our teams and operations, our successes, and the challenges we’ve overcome to continue to provide a world-class Trusted Research Environment for population data research.

‘For SAIL Databank, as for the UK generally, this has been a year of transition and change. 2021 saw a gradual reduction of the restrictions imposed as part of the initial COVID-19 emergency response, followed by further uncertainty and disruption caused by the Omicron variant. SAIL Databank has followed this theme of transition, with many short-term COVID emergency planning projects concluding and being replaced by longer-term research into the effects of the pandemic and how to adapt going forward. We have also seen a significant rise in the numbers of non-COVID related research projects approaching SAIL for support…’

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